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Lodestar Marketing Group: Google Premier Partner in Seattle

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Lodestar Marketing Group is one of Seattle’s first digital marketing firms.  We started here in the Seattle area in 2000 as a full service agency providing SEO and SEM expertise. In the seventeen years that we have been in business, our commitment to excellence and serving our clients has never changed. However, some things have changed over the years and we’d like to share with you what those are and how those changes have impacted the digital marketing industry.


The mid-1990’s to early 2000’s would be considered the early days of life in the digital world.  The general public was still in “learning mode” when it came to navigating the internet. Many of us who had established careers in marketing were beginning to learn the many specifics of how to utilize this new tool for marketing purposes. Initially, marketing on the web was very much a peripheral part of the marketing mix. The dominant mediums were still radio and TV and some agencies were beginning to add in web presence for their clients.

As Google began to grow and then emerge as the primary search engine, things began to change rather rapidly. Having a web presence became increasingly more important for businesses and digital advertising quickly shifted from the periphery to the forefront for agencies.  Google later developed AdWords as a tool to make digital advertising more efficient and have continued to perfect and improve that tool ever since.

As Google grew, so did a number of unqualified marketing agencies that mismanaged their clients’ AdWords accounts. This lead to Google developing their certification programs in order to help businesses sort through all the noise and find an agency that understood how best to use Google to grow their client’s business. The Google Partners program was launched which gave agencies an opportunity to learn from Google and how to manage their AdWords accounts.  In order for an agency to become a Google Partner, they had to have a track record of running large AdWords campaigns and employees who had passed the online AdWords exams.


It wasn’t long after the launch of Google Partners that Google began to see the need for an even closer partnership with some of the agencies that had become established in their AdWords circle.  Google created a new tier of partners known as the Premier Partners SMB (Small & Medium Businesses). Premier Partners provides an opportunity for Google staff to partner with companies at the operational level. Meaning these agencies are basically seen, by Google, as an extension of their own staff who can be trusted to develop and run effective campaigns for their clients.

Lodestar Marketing Group is a Google Premier Partner. With more than 17 years of experience and access to a worldclass Google support team, lodestar is a great choice for companies looking to start new Google campaigns or improve their existing campaigns. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Seattle that is a Google Premier Partner, please contact us! We look forward to helping you!