Display Advertising

Static banners, animation and videos

Reach more customers with targeted display advertising.

Growing your business starts by increasing awareness of your products and services with the right target audience. Targeted display allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at very low cost. In fact, with many cost-per-click models now available, you only pay when someone actually clicks and shows interest in your offering.

Internet Users

85% of American adults use the Internet. And 44% of the World’s Population is on the Internet.

Online Shoppers

76% of US consumers shop online. 53% of shoppers browse on mobile but buy on desktop. Mobile shopping expected to increase by 56%.

Digital Budget Allocation

In 2019, the average firm will allocate 44% of their marketing budget to online, this rate is expected to grow to 54% by 2024.

lodestar marketing group specializes in developing targeted display campaigns that get results.

Most of our campaigns are integrated with PPC search and retargeting to ensure comprehensive coverage and the best possible ROI scenarios.


We will develop a strategy to help you reach your desired target audience and cost effectively generate traffic, leads and sales.

Multivariate Testing

All campaigns include ongoing testing, measuring and refining to understand the best combination for optimal results.

Audience Targeting

We work to pinpoint your exact target audiences. This can be accomplished contextually (keyword search, topic search, placement) or by audience profiling (interests, demographics, remarketing).

Campaign Development

Your campaign set-up includes target audience research, defining contextual and audience targeting, setting a bid strategy and defining campaign parameters.

Banners and Landing Pages

Our creative team produces effective display banners and landing pages to help drive qualified traffic and generate action.

display advertising

Analytics and ROI

All reports include detailed website statistics including total visits, unique visitors, time on site, average page views and bounce rate.

Reports include a detailed look at website visitor behavior including brand engagement activities, intent to purchase activities, leads generated and much more.

Detailed campaign and testing results are included in reports to understand costs, cost -per-click, click through rates, conversion rates and much more.

We look at costs by campaign, leads/sales generated and overall impact on your business to understand the ROI and where to best invest the budget for optimal results.

Targeted Display Case Studies at a Glance

frozen food web traffic
Frozen Food Demand Generation

This frozen food company wanted to increase awareness of their new line of foods while building demand for specific retailers in targeted markets. Using the GDN, we successfully reached their consumer profiles in those markets. Website traffic increased over 300% and actions indicating ‘intent to purchase’ also rose considerably.

display appliances
Local Retail Store Traffic

This local appliance retailer wanted to reach potential customers looking for new appliances when they were out shopping. They tested a mobile campaign with another vendor with little to no results. Using the GDN with mobile targeting, we successfully reached thousands of shoppers on their mobile phones. Stores that were once lagging in sales are seeing renewed growth since the launch of this campaign.

display water bottle
Bottled Water Campaign Engagement

This bottled water company wanted to build engagement with their community with a New Year’s Resolution campaign. Using targeted display, we successfully reached a very specific target audience profile in specific geographic locations. In the first month, we generated 27,500 new website visitors to their site with 37% taking action to learn ‘where to buy’.

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