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What Will Search Engine Optimization Look Like in 2015?

What Will Search Engine Optimization Look Like in 2015? 1024 576 lodestar marketing group

No matter where you go on the web, it seems everyone is making their predictions for 2015 and the digital world is no different. In fact, the digital world seems to lead the way in predictions because of the rapidly changing nature of technology. There is no shortage of resources out there predicting any number of things that we can expect in the digital world in 2015. As we did a little of our own research, we came across a number of predictions specifically about SEO in 2015. Here are a few that we found most interesting:

SEO WILL BECOME MORE PERSONAL:  According to Neil Patel, co-founder of CrazyEgg, Hello Bar and Kissmetrics, we should see SEO becoming much more personalized in 2015. Instead of search engines yielding results on a search, search engines will start to show results based on what you and your social circles find interesting. We are likely going to see an increase in geo-targeting making searches more relevant.

SEARCH WILL BECOME MORE SEMANTIC: Semantic search is making a huge impact on SEO and we believe this will continue in 2015. A Semantic search is a “unique search system that considers factors such as search context, location, and intent. Semantics can also search based on word variations, synonyms, specialized and generalized queries, concept matching, and natural language queries.”  The result of a more Semantic Search are results that are more relevant to the consumer. According to Google: “semantic search is turning a search engine into an artificial intelligence capable of identifying query matches and either displaying or eliminating results based on context. It’s some of the best news the content industry has seen in years!”

MOBILE SEARCH WILL BECOME MORE IMPORTANT: Over the past two years, the use of mobile platforms has exploded, and this will continue to rise. Mobile searches increase by the month, and all SEO will need to accommodate mobile platforms.

Of course, the only change that we can be certain of is that change will come, and when it does, we’ll be ready for it.

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