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Tips for Building an Effective Landing Page

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One of the services that we enjoy offering here at lodestar marketing group is the chance to educate our audience on all things digital.  Honestly, there is a lot of information to absorb and understand when it comes to this digital world we live in and sometimes the terminology can get a little confusing.  For example, consider the term “landing page.”  Most likely you’ve heard this term tossed around quite a bit but you may not be entirely sure what a landing page is. Well, we’d like to dive into that topic here and explain what a landing page is and how to make the most of the ones that are on your website.

First, don’t confuse a landing page with a home page. A home page is just that, your home page. It’s the first page of your website that introduces your business to consumers.  Think of it as your digital address, similar to the physical address of your home. A landing page, on the other hand, is a specific page within your website that is written to target a specific audience with a specific message.  Typically, website visitors “land there” directly from a marketing campaign such as an email, social media post or banner ad. For example, say your business sells running shoes online and you are the sponsor of an upcoming half-marathon. You would like to give customers an opportunity to register for the half via your website, so you create a “landing-page” where people can easily learn more about the event and register for the run without having to navigate through your entire website to find the information.  Getting your audience to register for your run is the action you would like them to take and the landing page provides the place for them to do just that.

The goal of every landing page is to prompt your audience to take a specific action. However, there are some specific things you can do to make sure your landing page is effective and accomplishing your goal. A recent article in offered some great tips on how to get the most out of your landing page and we’d like to share those tips with you here.


1.  Know your audience. Understand the kind of information that your target audience is searching for and build your page around that information. Include imagery that would enhance your page.
2.  Title. Include your target keywords in the title of your landing page. Your target keyword will enable Google to rank you higher in the search engines if it is in your title. Also, make sure your keyword appears in the “H1 tag” which is usually the first heading on your page.
3. Length. A good rule of thumb for most landing pages is 250-800 words.  Too short of a page will diminish your rankings in the search engines and too long of a page may bore your audience.
4. CTA or a Call-to-Action is key.  This is where your goal for the page is fulfilled, such as registering for a run or making a payment. A Call to action can come in the form of a payment button, requesting contact from the company or registering for an event.  Make it easy and accessible for the customer to do what it asked.  If it’s too complicated, you could lose your audience.


Here at lodestar marketing group, we’ve found that these simple principles always bring results for our clients and they’ll do the same for you as well.  Give us a call and let us show you how we can bring success to your business as well.