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Google Signals Is Now Removed From GA4 Reporting

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In February 2024, Google Signals was removed from GA4’s reporting identity list. This marks a significant shift in the platform’s approach to user privacy. Learn more about Google Signals and what their role is now in GA4.

What is Google Signals?

Launched in 2020, Google Signals offered a peek into the online behavior of users who signed in to Google and opted into data sharing. This supplied GA4 reports with demographic data like age, gender, and interests, providing deeper insights into user segments and content engagement. Marketers leveraged these insights for targeted advertising campaigns, audience building, and personalized user experiences.

Why Were They Removed From Reporting?

Privacy played a major role. As regulations like GDPR and CCPA gained momentum, the potential for user identification through Google Signals became a concern. Google removed Signals from GA4’s reporting identity to prioritize user privacy and ensure compliance. Before the removal, thresholds were put in place to protect individual users’ data, but there were complaints that you couldn’t see data in reporting until you met the threshold level. Some users couldn’t reach it and would be met with an orange exclamation mark (indicating thresholding was applied) and a generalized data set instead of the actual data, which was frustrating.

What Purpose Does Signals Serve Now?

GA4 will continue to rely on its three existing identification methods; Modeling, Device ID, and User ID. The removal of Signals only affects reporting, not the data collection itself. You can continue to create GA4 audiences based on Google Signals user data (demographics and interests) for remarketing and GA4 conversions for bid optimization.

Need Help With Google?

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