Case Study: Agency SEO Strategy Helps Supplement Brand Increase Website Traffic by 650% In 12 Months

Case Study: Agency SEO Strategy Helps Supplement Brand Increase Website Traffic by 650% In 12 Months 1024 536 lodestar

Since 2000, Seattle area agency Lodestar Marketing Group has provided digital marketing services to some of the world’s leading brands and favorite local companies. With their experience and knowledge, they have helped clients achieve impressive results. One such success story involves a naturopathic supplement company that approached Lodestar Marketing Group to help increase its organic search traffic.

The Challenge

Growing an organic traffic presence can be a struggle for companies as they are starting out. This newly launched supplement company did not show up in the results on the search engines for its brand or product types and was struggling to grow its overall organic traffic presence, so they approached Lodestar Marketing Group for a solution. After determining the supplement brand’s goals, needs, and challenges, Lodestar Marketing Group developed a comprehensive SEO plan to improve organic traffic.

Strategic Solutions

The first stage of the strategy included a technical site audit and keyword research. Site audits evaluate the technical aspects of the website. Site visitors should have a positive experience navigating the website and may not if something is non-functioning. Technical site audits also determine if search engines can crawl the website effectively. Next, keyword research involves analyzing data on how potential customers searched for the supplement company, its supplement products, and competitor brands/products. Understanding which keywords were most important for this supplement company to focus on so that they could be found online leads the way for the second stage of the strategy; how to increase website content around these terms.

The Implementation

Lodestar Marketing Group worked with the supplement company to ensure that existing website content was optimized, relevant, and high-quality (targeting the brand name and important keywords identified during their research.) This included copy, metadata, and images. They also focused on creating new informative and engaging content while incorporating the targeted keywords in a natural and effective way.


As the supplement company began implementing the SEO strategy, they saw slow but steady growth in their organic traffic. With more implementation of the SEO best practices, they experienced tremendous growth rapidly, with a 650% increase in monthly traffic growth over 12 months. Another metric of their success was a significant improvement in search engine rankings of several targeted keywords.

It is worth noting that SEO is an ongoing process, and Lodestar Marketing Group continues to work with the supplement company to maintain and improve its search engine rankings. They regularly analyze data and adjust the strategy to ensure the supplement company remains competitive.


Overall, Lodestar Marketing Group’s comprehensive approach to SEO helped the supplement company achieve significant organic traffic growth. The 650% increase in monthly traffic over 12 months is a testament to the effectiveness of their strategy, and the supplement company continues to benefit from their efforts to this day.

Case Study: Agency SEO Strategy Helps Supplement Brand Increase Website Traffic by 650% In 12 Months