Making the Switch to Google Analytics 4

Making the Switch to Google Analytics 4 900 600 lodestar marketing group

Google Universal Analytics will be ending and will be replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Universal Analytics will stop collecting and analyzing data after July 1, 2023. You will need to set up Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible, alongside Universal Analytics, to build the historical data you will want to have once the switch happens.

Some advantages of Google Analytics 4:

  • Smarter insights by applying Google’s machine learning models
  • Customer-centric measurement to better understand customers from acquisition to conversion and retention.
  • Privacy-focused
  • Simplified conversion tracking
  • Combined web and app reporting
  • Increased event parameter options

How to set up Google Analytics 4:

Check out Google’s article Make the switch to Google Analytics 4 to get started with the process. It will explain setting up a Google Analytics 4 property alongside your existing property.

Seem complicated? That’s okay. Lodestar has dedicated resources to help you make the switch to GA4. We will set up GA4 so that you can start collecting data immediately, making sure there is no interruption to your website analytics. Email us for more information about getting started.