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Mobile Search Marketing to Your Advantage

How to Use Mobile Search Marketing to Your Advantage

With the recent and rapid advancements in mobile phone technology, there have been many great opportunities arising in digital marketing. Many companies have taken advantage of these developments, and have profited greatly. Due to the fact that fifty percent of new mobile phone purchases in the United States are smart phones, and that handheld tablets have increased in popularity, it is more imperative than ever for companies to adapt to these changes so that they can effectively reach more customers.

Mobile search marketing has become extremely useful to both businesses and their customers. Smart phones allow individuals to search for anything at the touch of a button or the sound of a command, and those search queries could easily end at your company’s page. In order to utilize mobile search marketing to your company’s full advantage, lodestar marketing group has put together a few of the top tips to improve your visibility to smart phone users everywhere.

Make it Short and Sweet

Although searching on a mobile device is deceptively similar and not as popular as traditional search, it is a rapidly growing phenomenon—Google’s mobile query has increased five times in the past two years alone—that presents as many marketing opportunities as traditional search. What does your company have to do to profit from mobile search?  Doing something as simple as creating to-the-point copy on paid search advertisements can work wonders—especially since Pay Per Click advertisements often cost less on mobile search than they do on a desktop. Most individuals utilizing mobile search are using shorter keywords in their searches, so looking through Google’s mobile keyword selection tool can make a great impact on search results.

Become User-Friendly

There’s nothing that turns away a potential customer faster than a website that is difficult to navigate. Although your business may have an excellent website for customers using computers, pages load differently (and often more slowly) on mobile phones. When mobile phone owners enter your web address, your company has the option of automatically redirecting the customer to your mobile webpage, or allowing them to view it as a traditional page. By simplifying the content and copy on your business’s mobile web page, your customers can easily navigate the site and fulfill their queries, bringing your company increased business.

Keep the Target in Mind

Developing a mobile search marketing campaign means planning out and executing all aspects with the same care and consideration as your main marketing campaign. Although most aspects of the mobile search marketing plan will be the same as they are with most of the digital marketing plan, there are a few key tactics that can be utilized to make your page and campaign extremely effective. For example, link the actions you want your customers to take (e.g. link a phone number, email, video). Adding a map with your business’s location can encourage local customers to visit. Above all, it is very important that your online landing pages from your mobile advertising campaign cause the customers to engage in desired actions so that your company can meet conversion goals.


This blog entry was written by Sarah Schwitters, Chief Marketing Strategist at lodestar marketing group. Mobile search marketing can be a difficult platform to get started on, but once a program is in place, the benefits are enormous—especially because of the rapid, continued growth of smart phone users. If your company needs help from a company experienced in digital marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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