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Can Pinterest Help Your Business?

I recently read a very interesting article from Search Engine Watch that covered a very hot new topic in digital marketing. In the last year or so, a new social media site has taken the internet by storm. In the last week of January alone, the site generated 21.5 million views. The website is currently the third most popular social networking site in the United States, according to a report from Experian.

Pinterest is the latest and greatest tool being used to connect to other people over the web. The site is a “virtual pinboard”, where users can post all of their favorite images (from recipes to area rugs) to their own personal page. Since a majority of the “pinned” photos are beloved retail products, there is huge potential for businesses to successfully integrate Pinterest into their digital marketing plans.

As the rise of social media continues, it is becoming more and more imperative for companies to establish a presence on those sites. Pinterest is much different than its other counterparts (like Twitter and Facebook) in that its users focus less upon friends, and more upon their personal interests.

Approximately 60 percent of individuals using the site are female, and 55 percent of the women on the site are between the ages of 25 and 44. With so many members of such a sought after demographic in one place, integrating Pinterest into your marketing plan can add to your bottom line.

One of the most successful ways that companies have engaged Pinterest users is by creating their own branded profiles, where they create pinboard albums containing their products and their prices. To create customer awareness of brand products, some companies have held giveaway contests.

Pinterest even makes marketing research adaptable and effective. Testing out a new ad campaign on Pinterest will provide you with quick results, likely measured by the number of “repins” received. By allowing customers to “co-pin” a board, you can gain insightful information into customer interests.

With the evolvement of social media, new doors to reaching customers have been opened. Pinterest’s stunning popularity provides an entirely new, more personal method of reaching customers. The possibilities are virtually endless.


This article was written by Sarah Schwitters, Chief Marketing Strategist at lodestar marketing group. To receive help with integrating Pinterest or other social media into your marketing strategy, contact us at


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