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Search Engine Marketing

Text, Display, Video and Retargeting

Most businesses today refer to Search Engine Marketing as pay-per-click or PPC marketing programs. These programs utilize advertisements on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask where the advertiser pays a fee each time a potential customer clicks on their ad. The major search engines offer an auction style format for ad placement. The benefits of a Search Engine Marketing program are they can be targeted, allow for testing, completely controllable and can possibly deliver the highest return on your media investment. lodestar marketing group recognizes with increased competition and rising click costs, managing a Search Engine Marketing program is becoming more complex. However, with proper planning and strategies in place, there are enormous opportunities for large revenue growth at a positive ROI.

lodestar will help you:

  • Originate a Search Engine Marketing program.
  • Audit a current Search Engine Marketing program.
  • Develop and expand a keyword list that best fits your business.
  • Create optimized ads to enhance the quality of the click-through.
  • Develop a testing strategy around bids, ad copy and landing pages.
  • Establish bid strategies to maximize your return on investment.
  • Define the right tracking solution for your Search Engine Marketing program.

Our expertise includes text ads, banners, landing page testing, retargeting, video marketing, Google shopping and much more. lodestar is a Google Adwords Certified vendor and has experience with small test campaigns to multi-million dollar large scale SEM campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing Factors

Ad copy
Landing pages
Click-through rate
Conversion rate
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