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lodestar Marketing Services

Marketing Planning and Strategy

One of the most valuable things we can bring to our clients is a sold marketing plan and strategy.  It has been said time and again, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  With a solid marketing plan and strategy, you will have the blueprint you need to execute a plan that will meet the needs of your target audience and your internal goals.

Our marketing planning services can be as high-level or detailed as you need and we customize our offering to fit your requirements.  Some of the areas we can uncover during this process include:

  1. Marketing Objectives
    We help you define your marketing objectives and the methodology for measuring results and ultimately defining success.
  2. Marketing Strategy
    We develop an integrated marketing strategy to help you reach your goals and generate the best return on investment possible.
  3. Tactics
    We roll up our sleeves and help you define the individual marketing elements that will make up your plan.  From there, you can implement the programs internally or we can assist with the execution.
  4. Target Audience
    Before building any marketing plan or strategy, it is imperative that we thoroughly understand the target audience and what makes them tick.  What do they care about?  Where can we best reach them with your marketing message?
  5. Competitive Frame
    Another important element is understanding your competitive landscape and how you can differentiate yourself in the market.  We’ll take an in-depth look at your competitors to understand their product offering, their positioning and how they are marketing themselves.
  6. Marketing Calendar
    Finally, we will help draft your annual marketing calendar so we can determine when each of the tactics will be launched throughout the year.

A well-developed marketing plan spells out every detail of your marketing efforts and guides the overall execution of the plan.  It leads to a strong ROI and helps you stay away from the common tendency to market products from a narrow and internally focused point of view.

Give us a call and we can discuss your unique situation and how lodestar marketing group can help you maximize your marketing investment.


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